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House of bloggers


We offer:

  • Participation in the life of the House as a resident - a contract for producing a blogger for any period
  • Collaborations with House residents
  • House branding, involving the placement of client advertising on film sets and other locations where your advertising and logos will constantly be in the frame during the filming of blogging videos
  • Home rental for your event
  • “Turn-key” parties
  • Advertising your brand or products on the profiles of bloggers - residents of Emotion House

How are we different from other TikTok Homes?

  • Participants are selected according to the following criteria: talent, ideology, performance.
  • Teaching staff is constantly working in the House, which teaches bloggers creative disciplines.
  • Regular master classes from stars and professionals in their field and creative newsbreaks.
  • On the territory of the house there are: music, computer and dance studios, a gym, a TV studio with the latest equipment for filming shows of any format, props, 700 stage costumes and a team of professionals to solve any creative tasks and implement any ideas.
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