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About us


The Peganov Entertainment company GmbH was founded by the producer Alexey Peganov and the CEO Igor Palekhov in 2019 in Germany.

We produce contemporary musicals, films, and mass cultural events, cooperate with leading European organizations, and do co-production.

Peganov Entertainment was created specifically to integrate into the international entertainment market..

In 2007, Alexey Peganov founded the Triumph company in Moscow. The first musical of the production center, “The Bremen Town Musicians”, became very popular in many foreign countries, which is why the company decided to move on. Today the musicals of the HRC "Triumph" are known all over the world, and adults and children adore their musical hits.

In addition to adapting the musicals of the HRC "Triumph" to international standards, Peganov Entertainment launched the production of several films.

Peganov Entertainment is a powerful player on the global market, fully integrated into the business industry and presented as a competitive company with the unique ability to showcase its activities in seven venues in different parts of the world at the same time.