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Cherry Party


"Cherry Party" unite more than 250 influencers with a total audience of more than 100 million subscribers.

We offer:

  • Stage, dance floor, press walls, photo zones, and other locations branding
  • Ads on video walls
  • Company mention and telling about the brand by the party host
  • Complete sponsorship package for one or a series of parties 
  • Performance on the same stage with famous artists and bloggers 
  • An opportunity to become the host of one of the most fashionable blogger parties

Cooperation with us in the working framework of "Cherry Party" is:

  • Individual approach to each customer and advertiser
  • Bloggers selection by a specific target audience and context for party collaborations: we have more than 400 bloggers in our database for any budget 
  • An increase of conversions and sales through effective advertising on parties and working with famous bloggers
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